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I’ve been compiling a list of new jars out for 2023. Yikes, it’s a long way to go especially when I am also fighting with a difficult website in the midst of a rebuild. Please bear with me as I try and figure this out.

    A few jars with typical Christmas designs, but the one that will catch your attention is the Griswold house!
    Christmas Jars
    A little more affordable jars can be found on the World Market website. Now if anyone can figure out how to make the cute Christmas Cuckoo Clock jar into a real clock, let me know.
    Christmas Cuckoo Clock & More
    It’s another license that is not producing like in the past, but a few new Christmas jars are floating around from Disney. Of course it’s not been easy finding them all and I know there are more to be discovered–somewhere.
    Disney 2023
    There is not one, but two Griswold houses this Christmas season. Department 56 has a set of three different jars under the National Lampoon License. My favorite is Cousin Eddie’s RV car jar. The house is about half the price of the one from Pottery Barn, but cannot compare quality since I haven’t seen in real life. If you have, please share your thoughts.
    Dept 56 Lampoon
  • Neiman Marcus
    A pink Nutcracker and an exclusive MacKenzie-Childs Candy cottage are the exclusives for Neimans this year. I’m pretty sure the cottage will be making it’s way to our shelves this year.
    Neiman Marcus Picks
  • Cracker Barrel
    A fun little child-like elf clasping his knees is this year’s jar at the store and online.
    Cracker Barrel
  • At Home
    The first Christmas jar this year that was a must-have for me is the Elf on a Shelf cookie jar. I love the face, I love the size and I love the quality.
    At Home