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Neiman Marcus Christmas 2023

It’s an unlikely store to buy a cookie jar, but it can also be rewarding when unusual pieces can be found. The Halloween Candy Cat is one of my all-time favorite Halloween jars. Then a few years later I bought a Santa with fairy wings, at least I think it was a Santa. Both found at Neiman Marcus.

Neiman Marcus Pink Nutcracker

This year Neiman’s jumps on the pink bandwagon with an exclusive Pink Nutcracker jar. I’ll probably pass on it and be sorry later on, especially with the great price of $50. The modern-stylized jar has loads of gold and is 12″ tall. Then there is a pink Santa Head, Papa Noel, from Glitterville for $148. The eyes on this jar bugs me — just not the proper Santa look! For $148. it’s a definite pass from me. If you have this jar, let me know what you think.

Glitterville Papa Noel

Also shown on the Neiman Marcus Website is a beautiful Spode Christmas tree jar, one fun feature is a box under the tree with the legendary Spode tree (1938). A Spode Snowman and Rudolph cookie jar join the collection, but I also found them available on Bed, Bath and Beyond website for a fraction of the price.

MacKenzie-Childs Sweet House

MacKenzie Childs — I resisted these so long, but the past two years I’ve added to the collection! I think the Holiday Sweets House will be my pick for this year.  It has the traditional black and white check,  a gingerbread man and loads of candy. Retail price is $198.

MacKenzie-Childs Peppermint Santa

The Mackenzie-Childs Peppermint Santa jar also at $198. is a close second and still might wind up on our shelves.
Link: Neiman Marcus