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Disney Christmas 2023

Over the years dozens of Disney themed cookie jars have been added to our shelves, but so far this year has been a little sparse. I’m pretty sure there will be more to be added to the list as the holidays get closer.

Santa Pooh Cookie Jar

The Christmas Pooh Santa looks familiar, I’m pretty sure it’s been around before, but in case you’ve missed it check it out on Amazon. It’s produced by Zrike Brands, producers of numerous licenses oover the years. The jar is tall at over 13″ and sells for $49.95.

Disney Stitch Santa

I stumbled upon the Santa Stitch at TJMaxx stores. Fun looking jar with a price of around $39. Check out your TJ Maxx and Ross Department stores for the occasional jar, it’s one of the those places that if you see it, get it! It won’t be there the next time.

Disney Mickey Snowman

The only jar on this list that is actually at online Disney store is the Snowman Mickey. The over 11″ Snowman sells for $64.95, but if you use Rakuten to get a healthy cash back rebate it’s like getting it on sale.

Note: I’ve literally been using Rakuten since 2012 and have received back over $2000. in rebates, it’s super easy and I’ve never heard any complaints about it. Rebate amounts change all the time, but right now Disney Shop is at 8%, Macy’s at 8% and Neiman Marcus is 10%.
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