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Barb Crews, a native New Yorker now living in the middle of the country, has been a collector for many years. Although she has dabbled in selling, buying is her true passion! Her particular loves include cookie jars, and holiday ornaments, but as a true collector doesn’t limit herself to just those categories. She has long considered herself a professional volunteer and been actively involved in children’s charities and in the public schools for over thirty years. Current passions include, a family charity that distributes Port Pillows for Chemo patients free of charge. Over 1000 pillows have been sent world-wide.


Barb has been featured on A & E’s Incurable Collector and in several national magazines. She has been quoted in numerous articles and has shared her expertise for several price guides.

She was a Guide on for over seventeen years and her articles can still be found on their website —

Barbara was a president and founder of the American Cookie Jar Association. Along with a weekly newsletter on Collectibles, published a weekly newsletter for cookie jar collectors for over 15 years.

From Barbara

Traveling is another hobby of mine and one that works well with the collecting hobby. My favorite place to travel is anywhere there is a flea market, especially in another part of the world. It’s great meeting so many new collectors over the Internet. I love hearing about how you got started, where you find your stuff and what’s your Holy Grail! The Internet has forever changed the world of collecting — and that’s a good thing.

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