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World Market Christmas 2023

Holiday Cuckoo Clock

When you’re looking for a fun cookie jar, that is just a little bit different, check out the World Market website. We are not lucky enough to have one nearby, so I can shop in the middle of the night and not worry about traffic. And if you are on a budget, World Market is great. All the jars shown here are $29.99.

Scandinavian-Look Santa

The Scandinavian-look Santa is different enough too catch my eye. He has a cute expression and my “Santa-eye” problem doesn’t factor in, as they are closed in glee. He is 10.5″ tall.

I LOVE the Holiday Cuckoo clock jar and if I could figure out how to add clockworks to the front of the jar, it would be a definite BUY for me. The different look is a definite plus in the cookie jar world and reminds of the California Originals Cuckoo clock jar. The jar is 11″ high.

Polar Party Penguin Cookie Jar

When you have a friend who has the most extensive collection of Penguin cookie jars, one pays attention to the jar, even if not a collector. This is a new one and it’s probably already in her collection. The simple lines on Polar Party Penguin make it a cute jar and at 11″ high fits in with the other jars here.

Polar Party Snowman

Last but not least, is Polar Party Snowman. Slightly smaller than the rest of the World Market jars, but the same simple lines can make it a good addition to a Snowman collection.