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No Such Thing: Brush McCoy

Anytime there is a large group of jars for sale, often there will be at least one or two marked Brush-McCoy.

Beware: there is no such thing as an authentic Brush McCoy cookie jar. If the jar is marked as such it was made to deceive.

Although Brush and McCoy were one company for a few years, the company separated and went in their own individual directions in 1925.

During the few years the two companies were “together” no cookie jars were made. McCoy Pottery made cookie jars and Brush made cookie jars, AFTER the two companies were separated. The first Brush cookie jar, made in 1929, is shown in The Complete Cookie Jar Book by Schneider.

Here are a few of FAKE marks seen on the jars that were made to fool collectors.

Bottom Line:
There is NO such thing as an authentic Brush-McCoy Cookie Jar.

Thanks to Randy Hammond and Bev Sutton for supplying the images.