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About Metlox Pottery

Years in Business: 1927 – 1989:
Metlox Manufacturing Company began in 1927, a division of Proutyline Products Company. T.C. and Willis (son) Prouty produced ceramic advertising signs.

The name was derived from the term “metal oxide”.

Family Owned Business:
The company was owned by two families. The founders, the Proutys and starting in 1946, Evan Shaw and later his daughter Melinda Avery.

A California Pottery
The company was located in Manhattan Beach, California the entire time it was in business.

The first dinnerware production started in the 1930s, but was changed entirely to military parts during World War II. Dinnerware production was resumed after the war was always the main product of Metlox Potteries.

Cookie Jars:
Although a few jars were made in the earlier years, the majority of the cookie jar production started in the 1950s and were made the company quit production in 1989,  Metlox jars are known for their quality and craftsmanship, with a look and feel that is unmistakable.

Find Out More:
The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Metlox Potteries is an extensive resource on the company and an excellent addition to your collecting bookshelf. Although it’s been a few years since the book was published, copies can still be purchased online.

Metlox Koala Bear
Metlox Koala