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Glenn Appleman

Born in New York City, Appleman graduated with a Fine Art degree from the City University of New York. Although he is known for his automotive artworks, his sculptures comprise a variety of subjects from world leaders to animals.

Appleman Autoworks Brochure
Appleman Autoworks Brochure

Today Appleman jars are some of the most sought after pieces in the cookie jar world. And over the years have been collected by loads of famous people, especially noticeable when there were photo-shoots of their homes for magazines. The jars take up a lot of room as they are huge and heavy!

Appleman Police Car
Appleman Police Car

Text on Appleman tags:
Glenn Appleman’s distinctive hand-made and signed artworks are a combination of whimsy, nostalgia, and irreverence. They have become collectibles prized by Sophia Loren, Dustin Hoffman, Reggie Jackson, Sylvester Stallone, Bill Cosby, Dolly Parton and many other discriminating art and automobile lovers.

  • First jar was made in 1970
  • Issue price in 1983 was raised to $75. for the cars and $100. for trucks.
  • Company closed in 1987, although a special issue of Sid’s Taxi was later produced.
Appleman Truck
Appleman Truck

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