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The Alfano Studios has produced some of the finest artist jars around as evidenced by the number of their editions which quickly sold out. Sam and Denise Alfano started creating their one-of-a-kind artist jars in 1991. Living in the New Orleans area helped inspire them to create their first jar, the Jazz Player, a black musician.

Sam’s background as a professional musician and Denise’s artist background didn’t hurt with the inspiration for this jar. Jazz Player was a limited edition jar of 100 pieces (as are all their jars) and was followed by another musical piece — B-Flat Williams. Man in the Moon, Merlin the Magician and The Newsboy soon followed.

The Alfano Studio is no longer in the cookie jar business. Sam Alfano continued working in hand engraving — working with jewelry, knives and firearms. Sam also was an instructor with classes in the art of hand engraving.
Values: $$-$$$


Alfano B-Flat Cookie Jar
Alfano B-Flat

Alfano Man in the Moon
Alfano Man in the Moon

Alfano Jazz Player
Alfano Jazz Player

Alfano Ruby
Photo by Edward Magerkurth

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